Niveditha indrajit


Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, entity Work, Illness - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual


Intuitive Artist, Paintings on Commission,  showcased in Group Shows and Solo Live Art Shows, Art for a Cause, Art workshops


Workshops -Art Based, Self Discovery, Grief Transformation, Reiki Level 1-5, Parent-Child, Retreats for Couples, Healing, Art, Wellbeing

Alternative Therapies Healing

Certified Reiki Master, Alternate Therapies, Work with 9  Primary Energy Systems like Meridians, Chakras, Auras etc, Space Clearing

Access Consciousness | Lightworker

Access Bars | Light worker | Dance & Conscious Movement | Psychometric Guidance | Retreat in Groups | Personal Retreats | Year Programs 

Thought Leader

Corporate Workshops - Women@Work, Core to Peak Potential, Intuitive Leadership to Great Business, Work Life Map, What Next enRoute

Professional Background & Life

Change Maker since 1976

Change is the only constant in this dynamic world. Cognitively I came across this in my teens and was fascinated by the very words although in essence I have allowed it always. I believe in Inspiration & Inspired Action as a tool for change. 

Corporate Work (1999-2009)

10 years - 

Corporate HR/Human Resources & Organisation Development 

Recruitment & Post Recruitment Operations

Employee Engagement & Training

Learning & Development

Branding, Collateral & Content

Marketing & Customer Services - Internal & External

Facilitation of Workshops & Groups

Artist @ Work 2006 till date

11 years

7 Group & 3 Solo Live Shows with Art Galleries 

Online Collaboration with Galleries

Commissioned Artworks

Clients in India, USA, UK, Dubai, South Africa etc

Artworks displayed at Taj Palace Delhi

Art Fairs & Residencies

Teaching & Facilitation (1999-2000) / 2013 till date

2 years 

Facilitated High School & Graduates using innovative learning methods

4 + years

Art based Courses

Alternate Therapies

Reiki USUI & Karuna Reiki

Branding, Marketing, PR, SME & Consulting (2006 till date)

11 years

Corporate Branding - Internal & External

PR & Media Collaboration

Consulting - Collateral, Digital Presence, Content Development, Women run Startups, Mentoring

Social Media Marketing 

Connecting Worlds & Diverse Careers in one Lifetime

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